My Journey : Beijing – circa 2008

My journey to Beijing circa 2008, not for the 2008 Olympics but was in February. Its already end of winter that time but still cold with average of 8 degree Celsius. A guided tour, so as expected we were guided to those tourist attraction that sell everything from silk, tea, fresh water pearl, ointment and so on. I didn’t enjoy it at all. But those memorable visit to Great Wall, Summer Palace and Forbidden City is such a great experience. Here a some of photo from the journey. Enjoy.

Countdown to Olympic 2008

Stand guard at Tiananmen Square

Inside the Forbidden City

Typical Chinese architecture

Couldn’t recall, I think this at the Summer Garden

A mosque

Bird Nest – the main stadium for 2008 Olympic, still under construction that time. Price of steel for construction rocketing because of massive construction particularly in China

at last, I have been to Great Wall of China….


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