My Journey : Terengganu, Malaysia

I’ve travelled a lot in this year 2012 itself. Looking at my photo collection, I’ve been to Terengganu twice just for leisure purpose. Lots of nice place and moment to be captured. Here are some of it for you to enjoy… πŸ™‚

Heaven for coconut tree.. this location once used to be a secret said one of my photographer friend, but somehow I manage to find it πŸ˜€

Nothing can beat the experience overnight on a boat house enjoying total darkness of the night

Another one of my favorite spot. Should spend more time here capturing the best


9 thoughts on “My Journey : Terengganu, Malaysia

  1. zammmmmmmm…………
    saya suka gambar last tu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    meh bisik sikit lokasi sikret tu kat saya!
    saya nak pergi ni..

    insta saya dah ada kemajuan!!
    dah ada 6 gambarrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    • saya pun suka gambar last tu, ada gak terjual kat akaun shutterstock saya, pulang balik modal pegi ke Ganu..

      lokasi rahsia tu saya tunggu hampir 36 purnama baru la kawan saya bagitau, kalau awak kena tunggu 72 purnama la pulak ye πŸ˜€

      satu kemajuan pada insta, 6 kpg is not bad afterall.. πŸ™‚

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