My Journey : Saint Petersburg, Russia; May 2012 – Part 3

Another place I have visited is St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Detail about it can be read HERE . I took a chance to climb up to the Colonnade to enjoy 360 degree view of Saint Petersburg city. Although I’m afraid of height, I manage to climb up the 262 steps and be at about 43 meter high from ground level. Enjoyyy 🙂

St. Isaac’s Cathedral with the huge granite column at the front facade. Colonnade is a viewing platform located in between the roof level and the dome

Granite column at the entrance. Few column had a marked that caused by sharpnels and bombs during the World War 2

Info about the colonnade

View of the city from the colonnade

Interior of St. Isaac’s Cathedral

At last.. my feet on the ground again but still shaking.. nice walk in the park.. summer just started

The Bronze Horseman, an impressive monument to the founder of St Petersburg, Peter the Great, built by order of the Empress Catherine the Great as a tribute to her famous predecessor on the Russian throne


2 thoughts on “My Journey : Saint Petersburg, Russia; May 2012 – Part 3

  1. shaking sebab penat atau gayat.. ? 🙂

    saya paling suka yang ‘view of the city ‘ tu!!
    bulan berapa hari tu awak pergi eh zam..? soo blue the sky and soo green the trees!

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