My Journey : Surabaya – Sidoarjo Mud Flow

March 2012, my first time visit to Indonesia, Surabaya in East Java Island to be exact, to witness one of the great nature creation, Mount Bromo. On the way to Bromo, I did stop at Sidoarjo Mud Flow site or well known as Lapindo Mud. What can I say is, massive damage has been done.

Thick smoke can be seen at the centre of the muddy lake.

On the right side is the embankment purposely built to contain the hot mud flows. The height of the embankment keep added up till today.

Scenic view towards volcanic mountain

Abandoned houses. Its easily to catch fire due to flammable gas from the muddy lake

Another view towards the center of the lake

Mud being pump out to Porong River

A mosque at one of the abandoned village

Only roof can be seen


3 thoughts on “My Journey : Surabaya – Sidoarjo Mud Flow

  1. definitely surabaya masuk dalam bucket list saya!,

    nak tau satu cerita tak..
    hari tu.. lepas awak kata gi Bromo
    saya book tiket kapalterbang merah
    zero ringgit.. cepat cepat book.. dan terbook ke semarang.. instead ke surabaya!!!
    *tepuk dahi*

    eniwey… suka gambar semejid tu!

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