My Journey : Mount Bromo – Penanjakan Sunrise

Traffic was really bad from Surabaya. It almost 8pm when we arrived at Chemara Indah Hotel. Had a good dinner and off to bed after that. Its cold and freezing. Right around 4am the next day, we going to view the sunrise from Penanjakan.

Early morning blue hour at Penanjakan

‘Waroeng Kopi’ ; place to have a cup of nice black coffee and Pop Mie instant noodle

Silhouette of Bromo horse rider

Bromo horse rider

View of Mount Batok, Mount Bromo and Mount Rinjani. Weather is too clear. No cloud, no fog, no smoke. This encouraged me to visit Bromo again in future.

Descending Penanjakan towards Jeep stop

Other than Jeeps, souvenirs seller also is waiting for potential customer.

Bromo Jeep Club. A classic FJ40.


8 thoughts on “My Journey : Mount Bromo – Penanjakan Sunrise

    • gambar biasa-biasa je tu.. frankly speaking saya tak puas hati hasil tembakan di bromo ni, mungkin faktor cuaca, rushing sangat dan not well prepared.. tu pasal entry lambat post ( 😀 alasan..)

      perlu repeat ke sana.. amacam? jom bikin trip ke bromo..

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