My Journey : Project 35mm – Day 29 (Raging Bull)

This bull come really close while myself and friend taking shots of the herds. We somehow worried if the bull might jump over the fence and chase us away.


A not camera shy bull giving his great pose to the photographer


35 days, 35 photos with 35mm lens



6 thoughts on “My Journey : Project 35mm – Day 29 (Raging Bull)

  1. I really like this photo !!!
    Nope, I adore it !!!!
    The colors are just so amazing !!!
    And the details are superb !!!!

    Note: Notice the over used exclamations marks. That how much joy this image had brought me. Call me silly for getting excited over a shot of a cow, I don’t care.. hehe.

    • Thank you Mr. Syed, frankly speaking, I also did not expect the photo turn out like this, while viewing at my camera LCD, everything seems below expectation, but when I did process the RAW file, there come the result which suprising myself too..

      Another fact about this shot, I can’t compose it properly since the bull keep coming closer and closer… 😀

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