My Journey : Project 35mm – Day 35 (The End)

End of the Project 35mm – 35 days, 35 photos with 35mm lens.

It supposed to end a few days back, but I purposely end it up today just because I need to shoot specifically at a location that I’ve determine before.

It is very tough to complete this project. The biggest challenge for me is time. Time is not on my side for me to take photo on daily basis. Therefore, some of the entries in the Project 35mm was shot at the same location and vicinity. Entries also not updated on daily basis as there was a time where I’m far away from civilization and no mode of telecommunication available especially internet line for me to upload and update. I will summarize what I’ve learn from this project in my next update.

So whats next? Something is already in my mind and will figure it out later. Last but not least, a big applause  to Wak Gelas whom inspired and motivated me to worked out this project. Too bad 50mm lens wasn’t in my collection so I just doing it with the 35mm lens only. Frankly speaking, to complete 35 also was very though and challenging.

Project 35mm

End of the Project 35mm


35 days, 35 photos with 35mm lens


14 thoughts on “My Journey : Project 35mm – Day 35 (The End)

  1. Bang mJmP, congratulations on its completion of 35mm project yeee, and now we can sit back and wait for your next project. You are an amazing photographer no matter what lens, camera or editing program you use. You have a natural eye for photography and it is reflected in your shots. Well done and keep it up. Salam dari wak gelas. Ehhhee..,

  2. Congrats bro..
    Wak Gelas , 50 days!
    If there is a 5mm lens, maybe saya sanggup harungi cabaran ni kot…hahahah
    But seriously, was inspired by you guys…rasa nak buat la…hahaha

  3. I ingat lagi masa I first2 visit your site ni, you were well on your way in your Project 35mm. I know it is tough to post daily cause I had tried it before. And you persevere and completed the project. Thank you for sharing your experiences. So Bravo!!

    Can’t wait to read on your learning points 🙂

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